Hunter Integrated Training Services

Hunter Integrated Training Services (H.I.T.S.)

H.I.T.S. offers training designed to introduce skills and knowledge to participants, where knowledge is gained without the apprehension of exam and assessment involvement. Facilitation of training is provided by a qualified trainer and assessor in Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and Central Coast regions, in aspects of:

  • Basic Medical Terminology: learn how to create and comprehend basic medical terms appropriate for effective communication in a health care environment
  • 'Provide First Aid' Qualification - Course Code HLTAID003: Course conducted in a 1 day flexible delivery format, where the participant completes a pre-course workbook and assessment questions prior to attending the course.
  • Resuscitation Course - Course Code HLTAID001: 4 hour course duration or refresher courses 2 hours
  • 'Community Sharps', Blood and Bodily Fluid Spills Management and Hygienic Handwashing Techniques following: Awareness training for employees or volunteers who may become exposed to these hazards in their work environments eg syringes, needles, blades, etc


Please find a recent testimonial received from a client regarding her training received by H.I.T.S.:

"Hunter Integrated Training Services was the key to gaining my dream job! The experience that was provided by Hunter Integrated Training Services far surpassed my expectations. Carol provides a very friendly and professional delivery of the courses, in any location to suit you, which I found to be extremely handy. I completed Medical Reception training, which was tailored to my needs and aspirations, with additional components of other courses thrown in free of charge. I also completed First Aid training with Hunter Integrated Training Services in a group format, organised by my previous employer. This one day course was extremely convenient, and broadly informative with a practical and relaxed delivery. Following my training, Carol went on to find job advertisements applicable to my interests and education, then even helped to edit my resume and job application, and acted as one of my referees, giving an extremely good reference for me. Carol's expertise in various medical fields and also the knowledge of the job application process, ensured comprehensive training and a successful outcome of a job offer. I was fortunate to receive an offer as a Cardiac Technologist as a direct result of the education and help of Hunter Integrated Training Services. Thanks Carol!"

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